The Right Chinese Translators

The Right Chinese Translators

Imagine you are trying to land a big sale with a foreign Chinese corporation, only there’s one problem, you don’t speak a word of Chinese. What do you do? Hire a Chinese translator. Translation, whether it’s speaking or translating a document, is an absolutely crucial part of international interaction of any kind, for business or personal use. Finding the right Chinese translator for you is important and depends on your specific situation, here are some helpful tips for what to look for in your translator:

1. Native Language

Chinese is their first language. While this isn’t essential, it is a big bonus. It’s no secret that someone who grew up speaking the language is going to have a better overall understanding of the language as well as knowledge of the nuances that might be, pardon the pun, “lost in translation.” Having a native speaker will give you an extra edge.

2. Astuteness

When looking for a translator you should try to find one that is especially keen, and does not overlook minor details. It is easy to look at small mistakes and think it is not that big of a deal; however, specifically in the Chinese language, there are different meanings for certain words that could possibly only depend on the tone, or how it is said. This means, that although it may seem like you are saying something that is basically correct, the meaning could come out as a message you did not want to send without the help of Chinese translation services.

The Right Chinese Translators

3. Proficiency

It is very important that the translator you pick not only has extensive knowledge of the Chinese language, but also the language that you speak. If your translator is very proficient in Chinese, and yet does not fully understand your language, they might misinterpret the message you wish to convey, which could be awkward in the best of circumstances, and disastrous in the worst.

4. Expertise

The best way to know that you are investing in a quality product is to gauge its proven success in the past. The same concept can be applied to a good translator. You’ll want to look for a translator who has proven past experience and training to assure they will be able to handle the tasks they are assigned. This is also true in specific fields, like law, medical, management, marketing and any other area that has specific jargon and terminology that is essential in the conduct of both personal and professional business. It is often recommended that for specific fields such as those that require more than just general knowledge, it is best to find a translator with three or more years of experience.

Finding not only a quality translator, but also the right translator for you and your specific situation and needs can be a headache at times, but is essential for anyone looking to operate or interact outside the bounds of their own culture or language. With these tips, hopefully you will be able to simplify the process and experience the best results for your translation needs.

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