Fill in Over Plucked Eyebrows, Take a Microblading

Ended up with over plucked or poorly waxed eyebrows? Do not mess with them further. Don’t try to correct them into a perfect line by squeezing out a few more brow hair, they will surely become irregular and ugly. You can get perfectly shaped eyebrows with the help of a semi-permanent inking method called Microblading.

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.

It is basically a tattoo. In this process, the pigment is deposited in the upper layers of the skin so as to make the pigment lasting. Unlike other tattoos, It gets worn out after some time, depending on the pigment used, the environment and skincare products used. There are no of shades of hypoallergenic semi-permanent micro pigments which react differently with different skin type for that precautions must be taken. These hypoallergenic semi-permanent micro pigments fade accordingly, skin regimen, depending on sun exposure, aftercare precautions, and environmental changes.

Usually, immediately after eyebrows microblading treatment, eyebrows look darker than expected but it will fade 45% during the healing process over the following 3 weeks.

Its procedure must be completed by professional technicians who follow the standard instruction which can minimize the risk of unwanted outcomes and client dissatisfaction.

Before the Microblading process goes underway there are a number of preparations to be done. The face structure and shape is thoroughly studied and measured with a protractor by a specialist, and then the technician dictates the appropriate shape to the client.

The technician who has undertaken registered or certified Microblading training will create a new eyebrow shape on the brow area with the help of “non-toxic and skin friendly” ink.

Measurements of the area are taken digitally and the beauty therapist qualified with a Microblading training certificate makes marks on the brow area, with a waterproof drawing pencil.

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery doesn’t demand much of after treatment maintenance and can transform features drastically. Whether you want feathered, arched or curved eyebrows, the Microblading San Diego artist can give you desired brows in a couple of hours. It’s time to bid a goodbye to the eyebrow pencils, gels and powders and get an unparalleled natural brow finish with the help of Microblading.

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